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When it comes to keeping your home cool and comfortable, a professional AC installation is essential. Our expert team here at Complete Comfort Plumbing Heating & Air specializes in providing top-notch air conditioning installation services in Lake Forest that ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. 

We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we will guide you through the process, from selecting the right AC unit to the precise, meticulous installation. 

Give us a call if you're experiencing any of the following:

  • Your air conditioner frequently breaks down and needs expensive repairs
  • Your air conditioner constantly runs and your energy bills are through the roof, but your home still doesn't get cool enough
  • Your air conditioner still uses Freon, a refrigerant that is no longer in production per EPA regulations
  • You feel like your AC is unreliable and only works some of the time 

Trust Complete Comfort for reliable AC installations that guarantee your comfort and satisfaction. Call (949) 426-7377 or contact us online to request service!

Get Top-Notch Service from a Trusted Team

Complete Comfort did a fantastic job advising us on replacing our air conditioning unit. They were trustworthy, professional, reliable and on time. Our new air conditioner is so efficient and we are very satisfied with our experience with Complete Comfort. We would highly recommend them.  — Judy T.

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When is Air Conditioner Replacement Necessary?

We understand that buying a new air conditioner is not something you want to rush if there's a more economical option. However, there are instances when replacing an air conditioner is a much better idea than repairing it:

  • If the unit is approaching the end of its lifespan (typically 10-15 years), investing in repairs may only provide a temporary solution. 
  • If the repair costs are excessively high, it may be more cost-effective to replace the unit, especially if the repairs are frequent or if major components require replacement. 
  • If the air conditioner has low energy efficiency, upgrading to a newer model can result in long-term energy savings. 
  • If the unit consistently fails to cool the space effectively or if it requires constant repairs, a replacement may offer improved performance and reliability. 

Consulting with our Lake Forest AC installers can help determine the most suitable and cost-effective course of action based on the specific circumstances of the air conditioner.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home

Selecting the right air conditioner for your home is crucial for optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Our Lake Forest AC installation team can help you make the right choice by taking into account the following factors:

  • Cooling Capacity: We'll help you determine the appropriate cooling capacity (measured in BTUs) required for your space. The size of the room, insulation, and other factors impact this calculation. An undersized unit will struggle to cool effectively, while an oversized one may cycle on and off frequently, wasting energy.
  • Energy Efficiency: You'll want to consider air conditioners with high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings. Higher SEER ratings indicate greater energy efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact.
  • Noise Levels: Don't fail to consider the noise levels of the air conditioner, particularly if you plan to install it in a bedroom or living area. Look for models with low noise ratings to ensure a quieter operation.
  • Features: Determine the features you desire, such as programmable thermostats, remote control, multiple fan speeds, and sleep modes. These features can enhance convenience and comfort.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Consider the maintenance requirements of the unit. You will probably want a model with easy-to-clean filters and accessible components to facilitate regular maintenance.
  • Budget: Set a budget for your air conditioner purchase, including installation costs. Compare prices, warranties, and energy efficiency to find the best value within your budget.

With so many brands, makes, and models on the market, it can be difficult to know what kind of air conditioner to purchase. But with Complete Comfort Plumbing Heating & Air on your side, you can trust that we'll provide you with honest guidance. Our Lake Forest AC installers will ensure that whatever air conditioner you choose, it will meet your specific needs, provide efficient cooling, and enhance your indoor comfort.

To request a quote for a new air conditioner in Lake Forest, give us a call today at (949) 426-7377.

Why Choose Complete Comfort Every Time?

  • Best Industry Warranties
  • Maintenance Plan Perks
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Very impressed with all the customer service aspects

    "The technician was very knowledgeable to explain the services and very professional and efficient to compile the report of his findings!!"

    - Kathy H.
  • Totally professional

    "They arrived as planned and were personable but didn't waste any time getting to the tasks at hand. If only all maintenance was this easy to deal with."

    - Kerry M.
  • Their customer service skills are to be highly commended!

    "We received absolutely phenomenal service from Eric B. and Joe B."

    - Annie D.
  • Knowledgeable and Fair

    "I have dealt with a lot of HVAC companies and this experience was one of the best so far."

    - Nicholas D.
  • I knew I was in good hands.

    "I called Complete Comfort first, on a recommendation from our neighbor, who had new units installed a couple of years ago and highly recommended them...and wow was he right!"

    - Travis J.

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