Complete Comfort has earned the reputation for being one of the most reliable 24/7 HVAC service companies in the Irvine area. Not only do we come to your home for repairs, we also are experienced with Air Conditioning Installation in Irvine, CA. This means that whatever your need, we can meet it and are prepared for whatever problems you may have with your heating or cooling needs in the future.

Many people who buy a new HVAC system are unaware of their options regarding accessories and other additions that can make your home environment safer and healthier. So we will look at a few of the more common problems, then their solutions, as they apply to a new HVAC installation.

AC & HVAC Repair Options

Though the main purpose of an HVAC system is to heat and cool your home, the fact that air is continuously recycled throughout your home poses a few problems. Another factor is finding out what the comfortable humidity level is for your living environment, then getting it and keeping it there.

When air is recycled throughout your home, dust and other particulate matter travels with it sometimes causing health problems.
Humidity levels that are too low or too high can actually cost you more money on your monthly energy bill.
Pollen and other natural air components come inside the home and aggravate people who suffer from seasonal allergies.
While the last on this list is an obvious concern to some, most people are not aware of the problems the first two on the list can create. For all the items on the list, there is an HVAC accessory solution.

HVAC Accessories

Because you are purchasing a brand new HVAC unit, it only makes sense to have everything in a single package to solve the above-listed problems. The alternative is to get separate units, which also may include medications, and manage them separately. But the available accessories are relatively inexpensive and maximize the use of your home’s space.

While an air filter already comes with your system, an addition that will filter out the smallest particulate matter from the home can be attached so that all the circulating air in the home will pass through the HVAC system and be cleaned.
A humidifier/dehumidifier can be attached to your system to ensure the humidity level in your home is always correct.
A professional service technician can come in and determine the quality of air in your home to see if any of the mentioned accessories are needed.
These are simple solutions but are best fitted as attachments to your new HVAC system. Call us for
24/7 HVAC service or professional Air Conditioning Installation in Irvine, CA and discuss your plans and needs with a service technician.

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