Ever since the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, homeowners have been more health-conscious than ever. After all, no one wants to catch the virus, so preventive measures such as wearing face masks, hand washing and even social distancing are more prevalent than ever. However, these are mainly measures to take when you leave your home. To prevent yourself from catching any viruses inside your home, on the other hand, there’s really only one preventive method you can take: reducing indoor air pollution.

In this article, the residential and commercial HVAC pros from Complete Comfort Plumbing Heating & Air reveal the common symptoms of indoor air pollution and what products you can use to combat them.

The Symptoms of Indoor Air Pollution

Unfortunately, indoor air pollution is a household problem that can’t be easily detected. In fact, some may not even realize that their home’s indoor air is polluted until they begin to feel detrimental effects to their health. The symptoms of indoor air pollution often include worsening asthma and allergies, headaches and nausea, shortness of breath, sneezing and coughing, eye, skin, nose and throat irritation, and even memory loss, dizziness and depression in the worst cases.

While it may not seem like it, air conditioning pros say that with certain products, it’s possible to combat indoor air pollution and prevent viruses around your home.

Products That Can Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

By installing certain products such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV Lights, air ventilators or whole-home air purification systems, you can easily reduce your home’s indoor air pollution and help improve you and your family’s health. While these products won’t outright kill viruses such as the Coronavirus, the healthier environment it creates can reduce your chances of ever contracting it to begin with.

If you want to improve your home’s indoor air quality, look no further than Complete Comfort Plumbing Heating & Air. When it comes to air conditioning repair and installation projects, we’re the leading service provider to approach, and you can count on us! Give us a call at (949) 742-2995 or fill out our contact form to request our services.

In this article, the air conditioning repair experts of Complete Comfort Plumbing Heating & Air reveal some common symptoms of indoor air pollution.

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