As specialists in residential and commercial HVAC repair, we know how to properly service any type of air conditioning unit. You can rely on us when you think that your unit isn’t working as it should. There’s no need to be hesitant when you call;, as there’s rarely a need to replace your entire unit. In most cases, it may just be the fan motor that’s failing.

How the Fan Motor Works in Your AC Unit

The fan motor plays a vital role in your AC unit’s operation, pumping air through the system to provide cool or warm air to keep your home comfortable. It’s also one of the most serviced components in many units because of its active function. If you’re not sure if this is what needs fixing in your own unit, here are some common signs you should look out for. 

An Unusual Noise or Buzzing Sound

Hearing an unusual noise coming from your air conditioning unit isn’t a good sign. Something probably got caught between the housing unit and the fan blades, but this isn’t always the case. If you don’t see any debris or loose wiring in your fan motor but it’s still making an eerie noise, then you should have it serviced as soon as possible.

Slow Rotation of the Fan

If you notice the airflow in your AC system isn’t as strong as it should be despite setting it to a higher fan speed, there may be something wrong with the fan motor. If you notice your unit’s fan blades are rotating slowly, this is a sign that the motor is defective or failing.

Fan Unexpectedly Stops & Starts Again

If you notice your unit’s fan is running and stopping on its own, then it could be because the fan motor is failing. If left unattended, this can severely disrupt the airflow to your AC system, making it inefficient to run. Whether you see loose wiring or your fan motor is overheated, you should call our services to have it repaired immediately.

Why Is My Fan Motor Failing?

One common reason why your AC unit’s fan motor may be failing is that you have a burnt-out motor, which is to be expected if the unit isn’t maintained properly and has gone through a great deal of stress. It could also be a bad capacitor or some other faulty electrical wiring, which should be serviced by a certified technician that specializes in air conditioning repair.

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