It can be easy to think of your heat pump as just another heating installation, like a boiler or furnace, and operate it as such. However, this doesn’t mean your heat pump works in the same way as these other units. In fact, you may not be using your pump in the best way possible. This usage could even be inefficient in regard to energy consumption, as well as damaging to the heat pump’s lifespan. If you’re not sure of which mistakes you’re making, here are some of the most common ones:

Not Using Your Thermostat Properly

Your thermostat efficiently helps your HVAC unit by providing just the right amount of cool or warm air needed. Most thermostats have an “emergency heat” setting  or something similar which you may be using regularly, especially when the temperature drops. This activates a heating component in your unit, which can add to your energy consumption. Don’t use this setting when your heat pump can’t keep up with lowering temperatures; just wait for your pump to heat up if it’s still operating properly.

Using a Very Low Fan Speed

As HVAC and heat pump maintenance specialists, we recommend not setting your heat pump’s fan to the lowest speed, as it’s not as efficient as setting it to a more moderate speed. Just keep in mind to set it at the speed that’s most comfortable. A high fan speed can also create a lot of background noise with some heat pumps.

Using “Auto” Mode Frequently

It may not be the best idea to rely on  “auto” mode or a similar setting on your heat pump. It’s much better to set your pump to a specific temperature. This mode simply isn’t efficient because it constantly switches between a cool and warm setting to adjust to the changing temperatures in your home. This makes it consume more energy, which means higher utility bills.

Not Maximizing Your Heat Pump’s Usage

It’s simply more efficient to use your heat pump for as much heating as possible. Depending on the model of your heat pump, you’ll be able to benefit from maximizing its heating capabilities while not spending too much on energy consumption.

Not Performing Regular Maintenance Checks

It’s always important to perform regular maintenance checks on your HVAC system, and that includes your heat pump. This keeps your home’s indoor air quality to a clean and breathable level as well. It can be as simple as inspecting your unit and cleaning it regularly according to the manufacturer’s manual. There are times, however, when you need to hire a certified technician to do a more professional inspection of your system. This can be done yearly, but should be done more often if needed.

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